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Natural Python – Inventory Reduction Sale!



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Our Southeast Asian python skins are locally tanned and finished, applying decades of experience and skill. Available in many colors from vibrant and bright to deep and dark, in both glossy and matte finishes, these skins provide us with a wide variety of beauty. Many of the python finishes you will see preserve the spectacular natural pattern markings of the snake, using an elegant contrast of colors. Just as no two pythons are exactly the same, the markings on each item made from these skins is perfectly unique.

These belts are 1.5″ wide and made with square edges, rather than a feathered edge, in order to give it a thicker feel and also hold its original form. Each belt is Made in the USA.

The image on this page is representative of this particular skin only. Patterns, colors, and textures can vary from skin to skin.

This belt is ready for immediate shipping.

Our belts do not include prong or trophy buckles.  We offer a selection of prong buckles on our ‘Buckles’ page sold separately.

How To Choose Your Belt Size

1.  Select one of your belts that fits you best and measure it from the buckle turnback to the hole you are using today as shown below:

2.   From our regular size scale, please select the size that comes closer to the measurement you obtained. For example, if your current belt measured as explained above 36″, please select 36″ from our scale.

3.   If you are going to wear your new belt with a trophy buckle, please deduct 2″ from the measurement you obtained and select the size according to this adjusted measurement. Following the same example, if your current belt measured 38″ and your new belt will carry a trophy buckle, then you need to select a size 36″

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
Belt Length


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